A New Way to Network

Find Your “Peeps,” Ignite Your Mind, and Grow Your Business.

A bustling center of business activity

Does this sound familiar?

● You’re tired of the same old networking meetings. You can’t help but glaze over once the 30 second introductions start.
● You feel lost in the sea of online meetings. Sometimes it feels like it’s a total waste of time.
● You’re looking for more than just networking. You want a community to help you grow professionally and personally.

Imagine a Safe Space to Share Ideas & Connect on a Deeper Level

  • Find Support – Add to calendar
    • Meet like-minded people with a common goal of helping each other.
  • Get Curious – RSVP to Event
    • Explore diverse topics from personal to business and everything in between.
  • Build Relationships – Newsletter signup
    • Engage in meaningful conversations that lead to lasting relationships.
  • Be a Friend – Donate
    • Help support our valuable programs.

Why We Ditched the Pitch and Started Asking Questions Instead…  

Evolution Business Development started out as a traditional networking group. You know the type – presentations, elevator pitches, breakout rooms. 

This worked for a while until we realized attendees had zoned out and stopped listening. Even worse, some presentations were so “salesy” they drove away people who wanted to build relationships. And if you have an entire room full of people selling, there’s nobody left to buy!

That’s when we decided to stop the sales pitches and start asking questions instead.

And the result was authentic conversations which led to lasting friendships. Best of all, business kept happening behind the scenes.

* Members/Friends are those who contribute donations to EvoBizDevo, enabling us to sponsor exceptional trainings and speakers at our Networking Events and Lunch and Learns, where all are welcome regardless of ability to pay..

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