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Courtney Robinson

 Meet Courtney Robinson—an empowering speaker, personal stylist, and women’s style mentor with over 7 years of experience. Dedicated to guiding women leaders, Courtney seamlessly merges style, fashion, and faith to help them overcome imposter syndrome and align their image with their purpose. Through her weekly devotional, “Poise and Promises” Courtney inspires purpose-driven women to embrace their authenticity and step boldly into their divine calling.
As a collaborative thought partner, Courtney crafts tailored personal brand solutions that amplify authenticity and boost confidence. Despite facing challenges like brain tumors and stroke recovery, she’s turned her experiences into strengths, using fashion and style as powerful tools for self-care and empowerment. With Courtney’s guidance, women not only discover their unique style but also learn to overcome obstacles, embrace their best selves, and make a meaningful impact on the world.
Are You Hiding in Plain Sight? Unveiling Your Purpose through the Purpose Palette Persona Framework.
1.Explore Purpose Palette Persona Framework for business leadership.
  – Discover unique traits like purpose, poise, passion, and presence.
2. Purpose Palette Persona Exploration:
  – Let’s delve into each component and its business impact.
  – Discuss how purpose, poise, passion, and presence are relevant.
  – Share your personal insights and experiences with the group.
3. Recap key insights we’ve gained on effective leadership.
  – Engage in open discussion, share your reflections and ideas.
  – Let’s support and learn from each other’s perspectives.